Move Waste Away From Your Home

Get sewage pump repairs in Garner, NC and surrounding areas

If you have a raised septic tank or a bathroom in the basement of your home, chances are that you require a sewage pump to get waste where it needs to go. Pristine Plumbing, LLC offers sewage pump installation and repair services in the Garner, North Carolina, and surrounding areas.

Also referred to as grinder pumps or sewage ejector pumps, they're used to move wastewater toward a septic tank or city sewage system. Not every home needs a sewage pump, but a plumber can help you make that determination.

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Discover the benefits of a new sewage pump

Routine maintenance isn't required for sewage pump. If a toilet becomes clogged or backed up, you should shut off the water and call our plumber for repair services. Sewage pumps:

  • Are not required in every home
  • Come in different sizes and models to meet your home's needs
  • Have a built-in grinder to reduce clogging potential
Get reliable sewage pump repairs in Garner, NC and surrounding areas by contacting Pristine Plumbing today.